Boudoir Photo Session... Should I? 

Believe me… I KNOW... You are nervous, anxious and considering just throwing this idea out the window... It is completely normal to feel this way… I have yet to meet that client that calls, ready to strip down and get in from of the camera! but believe me this will be a gift to your self first and foremost, something every woman should do at least once in their lifetime. 

So, let's see, what are you nervous about?

The fact that you are considering a total stranger that your friend recommended to take photos of you in your undies?  Or could it be that you are not 100% comfortable with all of your curves? Or MAYBE… Just MAYBE… you have NO modeling experience and have no idea how to even sit for such session on the edge of the bed? And let’s not even get started on the hair and make-up!!! NO one else can tame those curls? and let's not even begin with who else will be present??!!! 

Ok… time to take a deep breath, relax…

I promise, I am your friend… and won't be a stranger for long.  So, what will happen when you arrive at your session? 
First, you can relax in knowing that the staff is 100% female... you may bring 1 friend along for moral support...
How does a glass of your favorite wine sound? Have your favorite jamz ready… We will sync the stereo and hang out!  
For the next hour and half, while we are getting to know each other, you will be getting your hair and make-up done by a professional artist. 

The boudoir session itself will be super relaxed and I’m 100% certain you will be saying how much fun you had once you are done! I will coach you through all your poses, by the end, you will wonder if that modeling contract will come soon!

So… what about those curves

I love boudoir sessions for the mere reason that I can work with each client in developing that relationship with their bodies, We are our own worst critic… and I will help you remember how much you love your self!  Communication is the key! I know there may be something you are seriously  nervous about body-wise, and if I know that I can plan ahead for the type of poses that will work for your session.

Wardrobe selections are a very important as well! Ex: If you aren't a fan of your stomach, pick at least a couple of outfits that cover it in some way - a sheer one piece or a corset may be more comfortable for you than all bra and panty sets. 

How will Makeup/hair/ be done?

We'll talk to you about how much makeup you wear on a daily basis, how comfortable you are with makeup and the look you have in mind. We generally do a smokey eye, a neutral lip and either curls or waves for the hair. How smokey, how neutral and how big the curls...totally up to you!

Any questions feel free to ask! I’m here to guide you through the entire process and capture that beauty at the end! 

Boudoir Session Collection Investment