It is I... Your Photographer!, I’m based in Houston, Texas (but love to travel!!)

My very eccentric family is comprised of my husband and four wonderful children,

who have allowed me to explore my abilities and have encouraged my continued success.

I’m completely self-taught and learned by practice mainly on my family.

I believe that is what has kept me from getting influenced or sidetracked in finding my own style.

I love looking at life from a different point of view, and the lens provides me with

the freedom to capture and create those wonderful, cherished moments.

As my life has evolved, so has my art; I work from the heart and I am always learning.

My goal is to never cease to grow artistically, and provide you with unique, personal photography services.


A few random, fun facts about me…

I love camping, the wind in my face and nature

I love football! GO COWBOYS! #respectthestar

I day dream on a daily… c’mon…  haven’t you seen yourself on stage at a sold out concert?

I married my best friend 2 decades ago.

I'm a Pisces. 

I don’t bring a camera everywhere I go.


Welcome and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your world.